San Juan River Fishing Report

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

Fisheads of the San Jreleasethebrownfixuan River reports that the hatches have been heavy. The midges are small (size 24 and 26) and consistently hatching every morning and afternoon. The BWO hatch is still coming off below T-Hole. Start looking for them around eleven AM. Foam wings are working great below T-hole, chocolate has been best. Try midge larvae (olive, gray, black and bgriffithsgnatblackrown) in the morning, fished with an attractor like a leech or an egg pattern. The afternoon has been good with fish looking for baetis below Texas Hole. Chocolate, olive or gray have been best. As always a large part of your success will be your in ability to move around to where the hatches are coming off the best. Fish near the dam in the best midging waters, the midge hatch is strong all day long. I have been doing well with a black larvae or pupa to a gray or olive larvae. Around 11:30 the baetis are hatching, anywhere from lower Texas hole down to the end of bait water. Watch out for moss on your flies, you have to keep them clean. The fish are still eating well in the afternoons but you can have some trouble getting a good drift. It is best to shorten up your length between the strike indicator and your weight and add some weight. This will help you get a better drift and see the indicator move when the fish takes.

With all the issues of winter looming on the horizon,  Fisheads encourages our anglers to come and partake of the winter fishing adventure that is the San Juan River.  Our water is the same temperature year round.  Our fish get more and more confused through the winter months due to the slow tinting of the water to green.  We have an opportunity to take advantage of the Juan’s nooks and crannies, places we never see without company.  The wade fishing is fantastic, the boat trips are productive, the crowds are sparse come out and #fishthejuan.

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