Fisheads San Juan River Report

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Fisheads San Juan River Report

Fishead (fish-head) n. A person who spends all their time thinking about, dreaming about, or in the pursuit of fish.

San Juan River Fishing Reports
Over the next week the San Juan River will be great. Layer properly for the cold, our mornings will be chilly. The little fish are eating like crazy and the big trout have been coming out of the San Juan River at an alarming rate. Many fish over 20 inches have been caught by anglers throughout the past week. Over the next week we will see the river flow remain around 474 cfs.

The water is very clear. The wading is excellent right now. The upper part of the San Juan River is fishing good, small black midges 24 or 26, the trout are eating well through the morning. Use a small weight for a slow decent to the bottom to attract more interest from trout.

Dry fly fishing can be done any time after about 11am. Look for the rising fish and match up the bug on the water and enjoy. Black ants or foam bugs can be used as indicators for the tiny dry flies. BWO and Adam’s Parachute’s have been working well in size 2521535_10101459704048415_645239772_n2.

With October starting the fishing can be more fun and a little aggressive at times. Let’s all enjoy the river and consider others are attempting to enjoy the river as well.
Come out and fish with all the Fisheads.


Good luck to all the Fisheads out there, Chris Taylor, head Fishead.

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