Fly Patterns of the San Juan River

Must-have fly patterns for the San Juan River in descending order of importance:

Fly Name:Fly Color:Fly Size(s):
Travis Para AntBrown, black14
Rojo MidgeOrange and red18
Griffith’s Gnatblack18
Birchell’s Hatching MidgeGray, olive, brown20 to 22
Rosenbauer Parachute BeetleRed20 to 24
Cartoon Hoppergray, olive, brown flash!6 and 8
Midge LarvaeGray, red or orange20 to 24
Midge PupaBrown, olive20 and 22
Bunny LeachesGray and brown6 and 8
egg patternsyellow, peach14 and 16
Fisheads can provide fly patterns of the San Juan River when you arrive.  Fisheads also can sell NM State Fishing Licenses.  Our Orvis endorsed Fly Shop is well stocked to get you on the river and catching some San Juan River trout.  We have rooms available and some of the best guides on the river.
These patterns are the go to flies for fly patterns of the San Juan River.  The guides often have varieties of these fly patterns of the San Juan River in the fly box they take out every day.

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Midges are hatching all day long. At the moment they are small, midge pupa and larvae, size 22 to 24, olive,gray, black, chocolate, cream and of course red have been my best. The hatch is strongest from 10:30 to 2:00, then again in the last hour of the day. The midges are clustering so try fishing a cluster to a single dry midge. Black has been best. Try fishing BWO’s from 1:00pm to about 5:00pm. The hatch is best on cloudy days. Dark or light gray, brown and olive have been the best colors in a size 20 and 22. Both dry and wet patterns. Bunny leeches and woolly buggers are working well either dead drifted or stripping them. Black, olive or cream have been best. Streamer fishing has been good. Small streamers size 10 or 12 in olive, black or brown.They are best fished first thing in the morning or late in the day and at night!

Keep your lines tight,
Fisheads of the San Juan River
Come enjoy the fly fishing trip of a lifetime on the San Juan River.