Fly-Fishing for Carp with dry flies on Navajo Lake.

Fly-Fishing for Carp with dry flies on Navajo Lake. You won't believe how fun this is!

Sight fishing for Carp on Navajo Lake in NM. Considered fresh water bone fishing, carp fishing with dry flies is an experience for all fly fishers. Fisheads will include all the gear and put you on some monster Navajo Lake carp. You will sight fish for these monsters and once you hook one, watch out they will fight!

Carp Fly Fishing GuidesRead this article in the New York Times about fly fishing for carp.

Navajo Lake Fly Fishing Rates
2 people full day - Call for rates
1 person full day - Call for rates

1 or 2 persons half day-$340
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Navajo Lake is nestled in the pinion and cedar covered rim-rock country of northwest New Mexico and southern Colorado.  Navajo Lake (The Lake), created by an earthen dam, one of the largest in the world. It is 35 miles long with over 150 miles of public shoreline offering ample opportunity for all boating and fishing enthusiasts.  Construction was started in 1958 and concluded in 1962.  Navajo Lake is situated at 6100’ elevation with summer temperatures averaging 85 to 100 degrees.  Surface water temperatures average 70 to 80 degrees in the middle of the summer. The depth of the lake (396’) also makes this one of the finest fisheries in the Southwest. . Navajo lake was also the host to 2011 Federation Western Division finales. With its clear water and fantastic New Mexico weather the lake has something to offer everyone. Water temperatures and cold fronts play a big part in how the Navajo lake fishes. There are many species to choose from include carp, northern pike, large and smallmouth bass, brown and rainbow trout, channel catfish, crappie, kokanee salmon and various sunfish.

Late Feb. - May would be the best time to plan a trip for Northern Pike.  Fishing for Northern pike fishing remains good thru October. These ferocious looking fish are known as power fighters that have a nasty disposition. What they lack in beauty they make for with their willingness to devour a fly at a second’s notice.  Large streamers of all types work well on rocky wind blown points and main body flats.

Late May-June are the easiest time to catch Carp. July the water temp is higher and it becomes harder to target them during the summer months.  And then they return in the Fall.  Fly fisherman around the globe are realizing that carp are entertaining to catch. They are spooky ,smart, selective, and put up an exceptional fight when hooked. The best thing about them is that chances are a carp lives in your neighborhood, no need to journey to some foreign destination.  The incomparable thing about Navajo Lake, is that 99% of the time the carp fishing is dry fly action!

April-Oct  Navajo Lake has one of the best small mouth habits in the south-west. As the water temperatures warm up so does the top water action. Although in the heat of the day hunting with sinking lines and cone head steamers diving deer hair bugs, clowsers works best. Fishing remains good thru October. The larger  fish fight great on a 7wt and are almost always more than willing to jump on the hook in the late spring.

Most days we will be on the water by 7a.m.

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