Fisheads of the San Juan’s Fly Fishing Tip of the Week January

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

The river is running at 338cfs.The lake has begun its process of turning over which it does every year when the cold weather gets here. The water is green with about 3 feet of visibility in the river. It is a great time to catch larger fish as they feel more secure when they can’t see boats and predators such as birds. You can use stronger tippets than usual and larger flies with flash and color We are doing well in the guide boats! We are still catching fish using attractor patterns, bright colored larvae, bunny leaches and egg patterns. There are lots of bugs hatching! So, midge patterns and baetis patterns with flash on them are still working well.

5-Day Outlook as of 1/22/2024

The weather this week is partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40’s. It is getting cold in the mornings so bring layers. The fishing has been very good. With few anglers on the water this is a great time to fish the Juan!

Techniques & Tips as of 12/26/23
Fish fluorocarbon tippets at the end of your mono-filament leader when nymph fishing. 5X to the first fly and 6X to the dropper. This will produce more strikes as the fish can’t see the fluorocarbon. Fishing 22 to 24 midges in the slower waters has been great. The fish are eating lots of midges, fish short light rigs. 8-10 size weights with a strike indicator set at 2-3 ft. We are finding lots of baetis, especially on cloudy afternoons. Baetis live in fast water so look for them in the riffles at the top of holes and at the bottom of holes in the tail out. Fish are eating gray, olive and brown mayfly nymphs in these places, it just depends on the day so have them all. You may have the chance to see fish on top during this time. A parachute Adams or comparadun should do the job. The may flies are blue-gray and are about size 22. Use dark colored wings as the fish are turning away from white wings. If you can’t see this try a marker fly about 12 inches above the baetis. You should fish mono-filament tippets when fishing on the surface as fluorocarbon sinks. Change back to midges when the fish stop eating your may flies. Try some bunny leaches if all else fails. Dead drift them like the rest of your nymphs. Fish are eating them for moss! They will shake the drifting moss to get the bugs out. All this goes out the door when fishing streamers. Get them on the bottom and fish 1X fluorocarbon.

San Juan River NM Water Flow CFS