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San Juan River Fishing Report & News

Browns are fun to catch.  This one is a beauty.


San Juan River NM fishing report. 3/3/2020

Fisheads San Juan River Lodge


The river is in excellent shape.  With over 5’ of visibility the water is clearer this Spring than it has been for a long time. Usually the river has a green tint to it from lake turnover this time of year. This means that we have started using smaller bugs already. Size 22 and 24 gray or black midges behind a size 18 red larvae has been good most days. Bunny leaches or wooly buggers in black or white have also been excellent attractors. And as always this time of year eggs in different colors have also been great attractors. In the afternoons we have been seeing a good may fly hatch of blue winged olives. Nymphs in dark olive, brown or dark gray have been productive.

We have been doing well with streamers especially on overcast days. I have been using a maribou streamer on a jig headed hook. The fish like them fished slowly allowing time for the fly to sit on the bottom before twitching it. Use white and chartreuse or black and chartreuse on cloudy days and more natural colors on clear sunny days like olive or white and olive.

The insect hatches have been strong. Fish have been finding both midges and mayflies on the surface. Stronger on overcast days. If you have the skill and patience you can catch fish using dry flies, a rare treat this early in the Spring!


Good luck to all the Fisheads out there.

Chris Taylor

San Juan River NM Water Flow CFS