May Fishing

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

With Summer almost here, we’d like to report that the fishing is great on the San Juan River.  The muckiness of March and early April is gone, and the river is looking so much better.  The fish are plentiful, and they are fat and healthy despite a rough few weeks the likes of which have never been seen here before.   We had a perfect storm:  lots of snow and then rain to wash it all into the rivers that feed the lake.  Work on the generators at the dam necessitated water being released from the bottom of the lake.  That muck ended up in the river effectively shutting the fishing down for a few days.


We are happy to report that madness is behind us and the fishing has returned to what you normally expect on the San Juan.  Right now, jigs, streamers, eggs and red larva are working well.  We hope you will come out and enjoy some great fishing.

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