The San Juan River is back!

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

“Where did it go?” you might say to yourself.  The San Juan River as we all know it, wasn’t the same for the past month.  Mid-March brought a perfect storm to the river:  the dam was being worked on, a snowstorm hit and rains washed all the snow away.  Since the outflow from the dam was at the bottom of the lake, all the muddy cold water running into the lake settled to the bottom.  Our beautiful San Juan was a muddy cold mess.  The work on the dam wasn’t scheduled to be completed until after the 1st of April.  Dismal fishing is the best description of what happened.

Move forward to today.  The water isn’t totally clear but it typically isn’t this time of year.  Visibility is about 2 1/2 feet.  The water temperature is up and the fish are back to normal.  The guides are happy and the clients are happy.

The river is fishing better every day.  We are all so relieved that the water is clearing and the fishing is getting back to normal.  To the folks that stayed with us and fished during this time, we appreciate you.  Your next trip should be a good one.

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