San Juan River Fishing Report & News

Yes, you did read that title correctly. We have had 5 ant falls this year and the fish are still eating ant patterns! Due to the recent thunderstorms we’ve been having, we have had another ant fall this week, making that the 5th ant fall this summer. Not only are the fish hitting ants, but they’re going crazy for hoppers too! Fish are eating hoppers up to size 4.



We’ve had an awesome summer so far! The past week-2 weeks they discharge from Navajo Lake has been fluctuating all over the place which has made the fishing a little bit more challenging. Currently, as of 7/20/18, the flows are running between 660 and 670cfs. Midge fishing is still good all day long. Stick to gray, cream, olive brown and black midge larvae colors. Foam wing patterns are still doing very good throughout the day, gray/white and chocolate. Throw on an ant at any time during the day, the fishing are loving them lately. Other adult flies have begun to hatch, like PMDs below Simon Canyon, but keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot any other adult dry flies that fish are taking a liking to!


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