Beautiful days with even more beautiful fish

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

It has been a beautiful July this year. The San Juan river is currently running between 920-930 CFS, and the fishing has been wonderful. With the hot weather on the sunny days, we’ve still received plenty of moisture with occasional afternoon thunderstorms.


Clients have been catching the most beautiful fish on all kinds of bugs, from ants and hoppers to small size 22-24 simple midge patterns. Colors include, grey, cream, rusty brown, olive, olive brown, and black. Disco midges have been occasionally working.


If you’re fishing with ants and hoppers, try using them up in the Braids above Texas Hole in the faster riffles, you can use up to 4x tippet for hoppers and ants.
If you’re nymphing, make sure to pay attention to depth. You’ll want the indicator between 3-4 feet above your weight, and one foot from your top fly to your bottom fly. Use 5x flouro tippet for nymphs.


There’s been hatching of adult bugs lately, so keep your eyes peeled on the surface and see what’s coming off the water.


We’ve had our fair share of unpredictable thunderstorms occur, so be prepared with rain gear for the late afternoons.



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