Fall is in the Air on the San Juan River In New Mexico!

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

San Juan River Fishing Report

Fall is almost here.  That means cooler mornings and not so hot afternoons on the San Juan River.  The New Mexico days are still warm though so you’ll need your sunscreen and hats.  You’ll probably need a jacket or long sleeved shirt first thing in the morning so dress in layers.  Fall brings a lot of fly fishermen to the San Juan River so if you are planning to visit, make fly fishing trip your reservations at Fisheads now!


The San Juan River flow is now at 760cfs and we don’t know how long they are going to run it at 700 but enjoy it while you can. 5x- 6x fluorocarbon tippet is best. Fly Fishing slower moving water off of fast water is holding the most trout.
For nymph fishing a red larva or red annelid in size 20-22. Grey and black midges in size 20-22 or a crystal flash midge in size 20-22. Dead drifting a bunny leach in olive and brown resembling moss is working well.. grey and black foam back emergers size 20-22. Fish your midges hovering above the bottom around 6 to 12 inches you do want to be on the bottom when using midges.
For dry fly fishing midge clusters in size 18-20, When the sun starts to go down a foam hopper in the bigger sizes are good.
For streamer fishing a triolive and white and chartreuse zig jig are fishing great.

San Juan River NM Water Flow CFS