Wecome July! Wading is back!

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

High water is on it’s way out! Or down, as it were.  Current flow is around 1800 cfs.  There are no plans to reduce the flow this weekend but on Monday the flow will be down to 1100 cfs, Tuesday 800 cfs and Wednesday 500 cfs.  Time to take your waders down from the hanger and spend some quality time on the river.  The fish are no longer meandering all over the place.  They are back in the main channel.  With their territory shrinking, fishing should be really good.


Red larva,  pink worms light colored egg patterns are still working.  We are seeing some bugs hatching, so dry fly action is not out of the question.  Since the water is lower, you can lighten up on the weights and tippet strength.




San Juan River NM Water Flow CFS