High Water Scheduled For May 3, 2017

San Juan River Fishing Report & News

The BOR released water from the dam today taking the water level from 473 cfs to 1010 cfs.  The water will stay at this level until they increase the outflow from the dam on May 3, 2017.  The water will be released at 250cfs per day over a 10-15 day period until the optimum of 5000 cfs in reached.  The river will stay at 5000cfs until about the middle of June when they are planning to cut the outflow by 250 cfs per day until the water level reaches 500cfs.

The fishing is awesome during high water!  Our guides love guiding in high water!  Wading is not optimal but floating the river is great.  When they start to cut the flow and do it slowly, the fishing really picks up.  A good time to book a trip would be during the last two weeks of June.  A friend and I went fishing with Chris Taylor when the water level was cut back to 1200cfs a couple of years ago.  We caught 40 fish in 2 hours.  What a day of fishing!  I highly recommend setting up a trip during high water or when they start to lower the water level.   If you have ever wondered about how the fishing is during high water, book a trip.  You will be amazed.


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