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Fishead (fish-head) n. A person who spends all their time thinking about, dreaming about, or in the pursuit of fish.
The cold weather is fully upon us now. We must dress warm. The fishing is fantastic on the Juan today. Low fishing pressure combined with hungry trout equal great fishing conditions. Bring your 5wt and put on a UV midge or a San Juan Worm or both and catch a few trout. Tiny black midges on the surface have even enticed the risers at certain times of day. Size 26 or 28 are good to use in the back channels or just below the cable. There is a considerable amount of junk in the water. Leeches imitating the green or white debris in the river are productive to dead drift with a midge dropper. Wading around in the San Juan is fun right now due to the low flows, 366 cfs as of today. Boating down the river puts anglers in reach of more fish for the day.
Good luck to all the Fisheads out there, Chris

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