Dave TaylorFly Fishing Guide

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor, (no nepotism involved here) has been fly fishing for 30 plus years. Upon retiring from the business world, Chris said “good, now you can work for Fisheads”, and that was the beginning of Dave’s second career. Dave has fished from Alaska to New Zealand, Canada, New England, the Rocky Mountain West and salt water fishing in the Bahamas.

Dave and his wife, Frances, moved from New England to Colorado in 1999 to enjoy the life, weather and fishing that the west has to offer. Living in Mancos, Colorado with four dogs and two horses has been an experience enjoyed by all involved.

Fishing with Dave, you will benefit from his long fly fishing experience by honing old skills and learning new skills that will not only catch fish on the San Juan, but will make you a better fisherman or woman, enjoying your fishing more where ever you fish. Be prepared to be cajoled, “harassed” and taught new skills on your days with Dave on the river, but mostly you will have a great time that you will remember and want to do again.

Come enjoy the fly fishing trip of a lifetime on the San Juan River.